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5 responses to “Vintage Pin Up Style | Meet Katie Halford from ‘What Katie Did’”

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    [...] designed in 1939 -before the war broke out- ‘The Bullet Bra’ (also known as ‘The Torpedo Bra’ or ‘The Cone Bra’) only came into [...]

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    [...] out this fantastic interview with Katie Halford from ‘What Katie Did’ for the Wam Bam Club [...]

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    [...] love this video of Gemma Arterton wearing the WKD bullet bra in white for Vogue [...]

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    [...] when it comes to your performance costume or your day to day look. We have some really current fashion lingerie (gotta love Agent Provocateur) looks in the show but we also have some very classic vintage looks [...]

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    [...] fabulous Katie Halford of What Katie Did does a lovely vintage inspired range of lush dressing [...]

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